Thursday, October 27, 2016


I really  hate packing, it just bogs my every cell (brain).  I think I have always procrastinated in this area.  First all the pills, then toiletries, (can not fine in MX, and their brands are heavily scented).

Then foods, specialty items for holidays, any imported things are mucho $$$$.  Some meat I canned and winter squash I canned.  Unable to find in MX.

Then clothes, some just for boat..some cool things, something for going ashore..sounds easy but not!  Then shoes unable to buy  a good fit.  In fact I take shoes to sell to other cruisers.

Don"s clothes, plus all the things for the boat, that he needs. Some kitchen supplies to replace worn out pans, silverware, my new spirolizer and a blender that works.

Now for my craft supplies, to keep me busy and enjoying my time...just a small assortment so I can have fun with the quilting group  in La Paz.  Plus   some stuff to share with my friends. 

All the techi stuff..computers, Ipad, chargers, iron, sewing machine, paper for printer (which we hope still works and we can find compatible drivers after 2 years) 

Then there is the fact that we did have a bit of hurricane damage to the boat and we are hoping it is fixable....easily and inexpensively...LOL it is a boat.

 Now I come to my back pain and the steroid shots I received..Praise to God they have worked.  But sometime the relief helps for 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years...only God knows and yes I will be on a moving sail boat.  I will be as safe as I can but I will have to get into the dingy, ride ashore, get up out of the dingy etc. 

All for now...sorry no pictures....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Ready to leave Yakima: Just a bit later than usual.

We enjoyed the summer here in Yakima.  What's not to like, fresh fruit and produce, swimming almost daily, grandchildren dropping by to swim, going to our church and small group, and sewing
I took a couple of small quilting workshops, one on a cathedral window quilt with unfinished edges, and another on doing a perfect binding

Then another on using a new produce called "quilt smart" to produce a sunbonnet sue quilt for the newest granddaughter.  Also found a great crafter's website called Craftsy.  This website is addictive and very fun, something to enjoy any where I have my computer.

We did just a couple of small trips during the summer, one to see friends from "Lovely Lady", cruisers Rose and Janni invited us to their new home in Gig Harbour, Washington and we were joined by Dave and Joy of "Happy Nest" who were up from Mexico visiting their children and grandchildren who also live in Gig Harbour.  We had three fun days of food, wine, and laughter.  Dave and Joy were able to come here and stay with us for a week that was very enjoyable.

Then Don and I scooted down to Portland and spent two days with my son Michael and took in a brew-fest in Portland which was another great time. We have been to the Seattle area for various visits to family too.  I have a son and his family there.

We also managed to spend a few days in Central Oregon at a resort. Don loves the Deschutes River Brewery their Mirror Pond Beer and a Reuben are a must if you ever visit Bend, OR.

Don worked for A & A Motorcoach group, driving all over the state, transporting various groups. And even spent 3 days at the Coeur de' alene Resort in Idaho with a room over-looking the marina...for 3 days. Of course, he also had several nights in Tukwila at the Days Inn...complete with freeway noise.  He really did a good job of refilling out leaky cruising fund.  One of his favorite trips was transporting a group from all over the world, who were here in Yakima to learn about our Hops,(grown for beers around the world).  He got to eat and hear all the lectures and visit with the rich hop growers here in Yakima..but alas, he could not drink any of the beers.

Well back to my packing or rather assembling the thing that are to be packed.   Maybe we should get a bigger car??? We plan to drive to Phoenix store the car and ride the bus down to the boat, which is in San Carlos, Sinaloa, Mexico.  Please excuse my spelling..must be cruiseheimers...LOL

Here are a few pictures of life while here in Yakima.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Granddaughter Natalie Modeling for local photographer

Natalie Elizabeth Cavanaugh
This is Jason and Jessica's little girl.  She is 4 years old.  I told Dad she is going to be lots of work in a few years.  He said he will need to get his interview questions ready for any young men.  LOL.

Sailing Merrily Along the Mexican Riveria

Sailing Merrily Along the Mexican Riveria- February 20, 2011

         Hello family and friends, 

We are currently in route to Manzanillo, I think that is in the state of Colima, MX. It is approximately 158 nautical miles South of Puerto Vallarta.  The water has gotten warmer and warmer and the air temperature too.  As you may know, this is a cooler year everywhere and it is the same in Mexico.   Of course, it is warmer than our home at this time of year.
We left PV just before Valentine’s Day. Stopping in Ipala which was a bit rolly on board but we only stayed one night, traveling on to Bahia Chamela.  Here we stayed 3 nights, and since I still was not able to leave the boat (due to my knee injury), we just spent our time reading, knitting and doing boat projects (that would be Don.  I was living the easy life, just elevating my leg and being waited on…..not a bad gig but over time gets tiresome to just sit or lie down.  We were able to watch a number of surf dingy landings…giving us some fun and helping us to plan our strategy when I would be able to get into the dingy and try a beach landing.  Not always an easy thing to do and most always a bit wet…..if not going then coming out and back to the boat.
      Next we arrived at Bahia Tenacatita, the place Don has most wanted to be..when he was planning to cruise in Mexico, 30 years ago this was where he planned to idle away his retirement day.  Unfortunately, things have changed and it is a bit built up from the days of his dreams.
This is where the ruckus was last fall where several Canadians and Mexicans were made to leave their homes and Palapa restaurants and were the houses were literally bull dozed.  Apparently, there is a dispute over who owns the land and it is currently in litigation.  I am not sure what that means in Mexico.   The first area to anchor is where this occurred. Now there is an armed guard or three but boaters can have beach access (because no on can own the beach). We anchored instead at the anchorage where the jungle dingy ride up into a narrow estuary has long been advertised in cruising guides as being remote and loaded with tropical birds and crocks. I don’t mean the ones we wear on our feet! 
While in the Tenacatita  anchorage, I got into the dingy…and we did several beach landings, some wet others very dry.  My knee is improving and I am being careful.  We saw the famous dolphin  who is friendly and has been named Chippy because of a chunk that is missing on his dorsal fin.
We did the dingy ride up the estuary and we saw some osprey, egrets, and maybe a kukaberra (not sure of the spelling) My friend Joy thought it was one but I will have to check that out when I have internet.  But it reminded us both of an Ol Girl Scout song that we sang at many campfires and outings.  Good Memories! It was 2.5 miles up to a lagoon which ended on the other side of the area with the armed guards and then  we came back and celebrated by have a cervesa and coconut shrimp at the one Palapa at this anchorage. We also celebrated with old friends from Blaine, WA; Dick and Anne from S/V Full and By and a large group of their Canadian friends from the Blue Water Sailing Club. We have met the nicest people down here on their boats.          

      Also, we were invited by the family on Neener 3 to travel on their boat over to a town “La Manzanilla” for a morning of getting some fresh veggies and seeing a bit of that town.  It is quite nice and we hope to be able to return  and see more of the town. And see Neener 3 some where again and spend time.
     All in all we stayed 5 nights in Tenacatita and just this morning up anchored and headed out to Bahia Manzanilla and Bahia Santiago. We are by passing Bahia Navidad, which is a wonderful area because it is a lagoon  anchorage and is rumored to be very crowded and someone knocked out their fuel dock making it difficult to get diesel and the captain says we need fuel before heading back North to put the boat up for the end of this season.  Banks get scarce down here too, and we need some cash before heading back up wind.
     We have enjoyed seeing lots of whales & larger dolphin in this area, along with some up close looks at beautiful colored sea turtles.  But we slow down and try to get close enough to take a photo and they dive down just deep enough for me not to get a good picture.  The green sea turtles are a gorgeous color of olivine to lime color,  with darker green  around the edges of their shell.  Just wonderful to pull our boat up and just stare at them in the water. 
     If you wonder why a sailboat needs are not alone.  It was a surprise to me how much we have to motor because there is no wind..and when it blows it really blows.. But we use the engine to charge batteries (the solar panels help) and when we make water at 20 gallons an hour we need to run the engine too.  Don is always cleaning water filters  or changing oil filter…or just checking things with his volt meter to keep things like out refrigeration  running. 
I see a wind generator in our future as well as an autopilot to help with steering.     
      We definitely earned respect when other boaters find that Don and I are sailing by sitting at the helm and hand steering…imagine too  old people being able to do that!!!!  Well it is very hard and we thing we should get the autopilot to make traveling easier.  Especially if we plan to go further South and through the Panama Canal.

PS. If  you wonder how I injured my left knee?? Well when getting off of s/v Happy Nest,  the step reach was too far for me…I did not realize I needed to get back up the step until it was too late.  So I had to drop in the water between the dock and their boat..when in route down I had to twist my left hip and knee in order to miss the dock, causing me excruciating pain and a trip to the emergency room. So I ended up in a Velcro cast, sleeping on the couch and was ordered to remain on the boat with little weight bearing for two weeks. The doctor was right on the 14th day, the swelling was gone and I was able to change into an ace bandage. I am continuing knee exercises to strengthen the ligaments and tendons that were traumatized!
All the time I worked in health care I would tell older women to work to maintain their upper arm strength and take care not to fall!  Now it is time for me to listen to my former message.   Where did the time go???

Love to you all,    Jacquie and Don aboard S/V Little Christian

Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 2011

Hi again,  I admit we have been so busy here in PV, known now as Vallarta that I have not taken the time to write on my blog.  Plus I don't have internet unless I drag my computer ashore and risk getting "no see um" bites while sitting in a small cantina.

We are anchored out in La Cruz which is on the North end of Banderas Bay.  It is a 30 minute or more bus ride (close to a chicken bus) into PV and a 20 minutes ride to a fairly large grocery market called a Mercado.  There are small tiendas (stores with food) here in town and on Sunday's there is a large fresh market for nice vegies that are home grown and organic.  So I have been getting most things there. Until recently I have even found in the Mercado Tillamook butter but it seems to be gone now.  I think they stocked it for the Holiday's. 

We celebrated Christmas here and Don and I roasted the turkey!   Looks pretty good don't you think?  And it was, lots of the newer boats don't have a large enough oven to even do a big chicken. We were with cruiser friends and it was a great feast.  Then New Year's Eve we at out at an Italian restaurant with fantastic homemade pastas and a smaller group of us went to Phillo's restaurant and bar here in La Cruz for music and dancing.  Joy and Don managed a polka that ended with Joy getting dizzy and Don gracefully sitting her down on the floor, wish I had my camera ready for that but it will always have a memory for us.

Also we have toured the city, seeing lots of great sites downtown and on the Malecon or boardwalk along the edge of the Bay. We expecially loved the elaborate sand castles complete with Santa in sand and part of the ceiling oof the Sistene Chapel (hope the spelling is correct).  There was an amazing small guy lifting and balancing huge rocks too, we watched him and it was truly something I have never even though of doing let alone watched it being done.  Hope you enjoy these photos.
  Good bye for now...I will be writing about our trip to the Botanical Gardens next.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas 2010 Puerto Vallarta or close! Plus our Christmas Letter.

Duck Fans La Paz: watch Civil War!

Isla Isabella: Volcanic Crater 70 miles from PV

Chala: Tropical anchorage- Mainland Mexico


Sunset: Chala: Little Christian anchored right of the sun.

La Cruz Anchorage
Hola and Feliz Navidad!   We are actually in La Cruz, Mexico.  On the North end of Banderas Bay. PV is approximately 20 miles away but bus (collectivo).  We haven't really seen much yet, unless you count Walmart and Mega another large grocery store.  Sight seeing will wait until after Christmas.

We plan to be with other cruiser's on Christmas Eve for a dock party and gift exchange and then on Christmas Day for dinner with another group of cruiser's.  I am cooking the turkey in my oven, (the newer boats don't have one as large as mine (can't do a 12 lb bird like we can).  Then we will eat on one of the larger it all works out great.  It is certainly different that when we celebrate with family but it will be sunny.

Tonight we are planning on getting up at 1am (December 21) to watch a meteor shower and the first total lunar eclipse in this region of the sky for hundreds of years: 1638 was the previous time it occurred.  Or so we heard.

  May our Lord and Savior bless you all this Christmas.  Don & Jacquie aboard s/v Little Christian

Monday, November 22, 2010

Second Season of Cruising Mexico

Hola Amigas;

Don has been in La Paz since early October working on the boat and getting it ready to cruise.  Some things he had to wait for me (decisions) but the boat looks wonderful.  He totally refinished the floor in the main cabin and the pilot house.  It was long overdue but difficult to do in "damp" weathers of the Pacific Northwest.With just one person it was possible for him to get off the boat when the fumes of the products were too strong.  

The other plus was  hot and dry weather here on the Baja.  Don, also, refinished was all the outside teak and some topside paint  too.  Now left for me is cleaning and polishing hatch covers and the stainless need a good polishing.  Oh and I do have a bit of sewing.

My biggest challenge is to make a cover to protect us and cool us.  This will be used at anchor and be a cover for the front of the boat; back to the cockpit.  It is done in two pieces using the mast to help suspend it with line. Not sure yet how I will accomplish this but I do have a wonderful SailRight sewing machine on board for just such a task. Second is to make some dingy chaps...these project the hypolon material that the dingy is made of from the sun. Can't manage without a dingy although we have met cruisers without one.

We will plan to leave La Paz and cross over to Mexico's mainland and the Mexican Riveria for  winter. The plan is to leave the Baja the first of December, weather permitting, and sail across the waters to Puerta Valharta area and anchor in Banderas Bay for an extended period to explore the region. New exciting horizons.  It will be a three night at sea crossing.  Always a challenge for me as I love my sleep.  But Don and I do sleep and have actual shifts at the helm.  But if the weather is bad neither of us get to sleep. Storms can appear out of no where!!!  Or on the sea here it can be nice weather with just big wind!  Keep us young, RIGHT?

No plans to fly home before April but always an options since I have a new grand-baby who will be born in early March.

Today I plan to get ready for Thanksgiving celebrations.  Here we have a big Cruiser's Potluck. The turkey is provided by the Cruiser' Club here and we all provide the trimmings. Our friends Dave and Joy from s/v Happy Nest and Lue and Claus from s/v White Shell II plan to join us later on our boat for pie.  The only thing I am not willing to risk at a potluck.  LOL. 

Keep us in your prayers, especially pray for Don, we had our windpoint instrument repaired over the summer at home and it does not work, now we are here , this is huge.  He needs wisdom to know what to do with regards to getting another instrument for out panel.  It is possible to sail with out it, that is what was done before all the great electronics and TRY to find one when in Puerta Valharta. I can always stick my finger out in the air...not nearly as easy as reading the instrument or as accurate.  Never was good at that.

All for now, off to coffer at the club house and I ordered "tamales" from Imelda and they are awesome. Until next week Chow!

PS; I am glad to be back and it was nice to arrive in a familiar city and provision the boat. La Paz is very clean and nice this year due to all the work they have done repairing damaged sidewalks and planting new vegetation, which was damaged in the 2 hurricane's two years ago. Not one hurricane came up the Pacific this past season.

Oh we attended a meeting on traveling to El Salvador..Don is considering it but most likely next season.  Anyone want to visit us in 2011?   

PICTURES ARE OF MAGGIE 2 1/2 yrs, NATALIE 4 yrs, AND MADDIE 7 yrs. All 3 are my granddaughters. The boys next week, I need to organize their pictures for upload.

Jacquie and Don on s/v Little Christian