Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Waiting for the Tsunami

Yesterday started out to be pretty normal.  Don and I returned our rental car, we used it to go to Culver City and see a filming of the Bonnie Hunt Show. Which was good by the way.  It was supposed to air yesterday in most areas. The main guest was Betty White. Her segment was good however, she had taped it earlier so we did not see her live.
Anyway then yesterday we got a tsunami warning and I guess some safety measures were put in shape. The harbor patrol did clear the beaches around here but no one was ever told to leave the marina or get off the boat.  Interesting!  We have decided to ask Alan, Don's son to notify us in Mexico if there is every a big alert while we are down there.
Today is gorgeous, no fog. We will do   boat projects this morning and leave here for Redondo Beach around Noon tomorrow.  Almost to San Diego...WOW.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sailing around Pt Conception

Good Morning from S/V Little Christian: Sailing on Nana's Big Ocean Blog.

Today we will leave Morro Bay and sail around Pt Conception.  It is sometimes compared to sailing around Capt Horn, I certainly hope it is not like that today.  We have been told that after this the winds and water will warm up and things will be easier to manuver than they have been...we'll see.

Don has it all planned out and I am up early to stow our kitchen and table items so they won't fly around the boat. Also making some meals ahead so we can eat without cooking if it is rougher than expected.

I am looking forward to getting warmer winds and weather. There has been alot of fog on the coast all summer. We are surprised, here in Morro Bay we have only seen Morro Rock one time and this is our 5th day in the harbor. 

Yesterday I did laundry and then went to the 2 bead shops here.  One was owned by Paula Radke, she is the guru of dichroic glass beads and it was fun to visit where she sells her glass.  Of course I purchased something, that is part of the fun.  I also found a unique fabric shop called "The Cotton Ball". They have beautiful designer fabrics and really beautiful quilting fabrics too.  I purchased a kit to make some silk clutch putses that have some silk ribbon flowers on them and beading.  Very nice.

My coffee water is ready time to put some coffee in the french press and get this blog wrapped up.  Oh by the way we are viewing a filming of the Bonnie Hunt TV show on Monday.  We will dock the boat in Santa Barbara and drive the coast to Culver City.  That should be fun I love her show which airs in Yakima on NBC mornings at 9 am.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1,066 Miles since July 8, 2009

We left Blaine, WA on July 8th and here we are 1,066 miles later anchored for the night at Santa Cruz, CA. We left Half Moon Bay and Pillar Point Harbour Marina this morning after spending the Labor Day weekend waiting to here if Enterprise car rental had found my glasses?? And no they did not find them, and we are not so sure they really gave it a good try. The young guy in charge told Don last Friday that he rented it right away and really did not look through it much, he just washed it......... GREAT! The good news is the optical shop where I purchased them can still get me the frames and has all my measurements and RX..hooray! (except for the $$$$$).