Monday, November 22, 2010

Second Season of Cruising Mexico

Hola Amigas;

Don has been in La Paz since early October working on the boat and getting it ready to cruise.  Some things he had to wait for me (decisions) but the boat looks wonderful.  He totally refinished the floor in the main cabin and the pilot house.  It was long overdue but difficult to do in "damp" weathers of the Pacific Northwest.With just one person it was possible for him to get off the boat when the fumes of the products were too strong.  

The other plus was  hot and dry weather here on the Baja.  Don, also, refinished was all the outside teak and some topside paint  too.  Now left for me is cleaning and polishing hatch covers and the stainless need a good polishing.  Oh and I do have a bit of sewing.

My biggest challenge is to make a cover to protect us and cool us.  This will be used at anchor and be a cover for the front of the boat; back to the cockpit.  It is done in two pieces using the mast to help suspend it with line. Not sure yet how I will accomplish this but I do have a wonderful SailRight sewing machine on board for just such a task. Second is to make some dingy chaps...these project the hypolon material that the dingy is made of from the sun. Can't manage without a dingy although we have met cruisers without one.

We will plan to leave La Paz and cross over to Mexico's mainland and the Mexican Riveria for  winter. The plan is to leave the Baja the first of December, weather permitting, and sail across the waters to Puerta Valharta area and anchor in Banderas Bay for an extended period to explore the region. New exciting horizons.  It will be a three night at sea crossing.  Always a challenge for me as I love my sleep.  But Don and I do sleep and have actual shifts at the helm.  But if the weather is bad neither of us get to sleep. Storms can appear out of no where!!!  Or on the sea here it can be nice weather with just big wind!  Keep us young, RIGHT?

No plans to fly home before April but always an options since I have a new grand-baby who will be born in early March.

Today I plan to get ready for Thanksgiving celebrations.  Here we have a big Cruiser's Potluck. The turkey is provided by the Cruiser' Club here and we all provide the trimmings. Our friends Dave and Joy from s/v Happy Nest and Lue and Claus from s/v White Shell II plan to join us later on our boat for pie.  The only thing I am not willing to risk at a potluck.  LOL. 

Keep us in your prayers, especially pray for Don, we had our windpoint instrument repaired over the summer at home and it does not work, now we are here , this is huge.  He needs wisdom to know what to do with regards to getting another instrument for out panel.  It is possible to sail with out it, that is what was done before all the great electronics and TRY to find one when in Puerta Valharta. I can always stick my finger out in the air...not nearly as easy as reading the instrument or as accurate.  Never was good at that.

All for now, off to coffer at the club house and I ordered "tamales" from Imelda and they are awesome. Until next week Chow!

PS; I am glad to be back and it was nice to arrive in a familiar city and provision the boat. La Paz is very clean and nice this year due to all the work they have done repairing damaged sidewalks and planting new vegetation, which was damaged in the 2 hurricane's two years ago. Not one hurricane came up the Pacific this past season.

Oh we attended a meeting on traveling to El Salvador..Don is considering it but most likely next season.  Anyone want to visit us in 2011?   

PICTURES ARE OF MAGGIE 2 1/2 yrs, NATALIE 4 yrs, AND MADDIE 7 yrs. All 3 are my granddaughters. The boys next week, I need to organize their pictures for upload.

Jacquie and Don on s/v Little Christian