Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 2011

Hi again,  I admit we have been so busy here in PV, known now as Vallarta that I have not taken the time to write on my blog.  Plus I don't have internet unless I drag my computer ashore and risk getting "no see um" bites while sitting in a small cantina.

We are anchored out in La Cruz which is on the North end of Banderas Bay.  It is a 30 minute or more bus ride (close to a chicken bus) into PV and a 20 minutes ride to a fairly large grocery market called a Mercado.  There are small tiendas (stores with food) here in town and on Sunday's there is a large fresh market for nice vegies that are home grown and organic.  So I have been getting most things there. Until recently I have even found in the Mercado Tillamook butter but it seems to be gone now.  I think they stocked it for the Holiday's. 

We celebrated Christmas here and Don and I roasted the turkey!   Looks pretty good don't you think?  And it was, lots of the newer boats don't have a large enough oven to even do a big chicken. We were with cruiser friends and it was a great feast.  Then New Year's Eve we at out at an Italian restaurant with fantastic homemade pastas and a smaller group of us went to Phillo's restaurant and bar here in La Cruz for music and dancing.  Joy and Don managed a polka that ended with Joy getting dizzy and Don gracefully sitting her down on the floor, wish I had my camera ready for that but it will always have a memory for us.

Also we have toured the city, seeing lots of great sites downtown and on the Malecon or boardwalk along the edge of the Bay. We expecially loved the elaborate sand castles complete with Santa in sand and part of the ceiling oof the Sistene Chapel (hope the spelling is correct).  There was an amazing small guy lifting and balancing huge rocks too, we watched him and it was truly something I have never even though of doing let alone watched it being done.  Hope you enjoy these photos.
  Good bye for now...I will be writing about our trip to the Botanical Gardens next.