Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Ready to leave Yakima: Just a bit later than usual.

We enjoyed the summer here in Yakima.  What's not to like, fresh fruit and produce, swimming almost daily, grandchildren dropping by to swim, going to our church and small group, and sewing
I took a couple of small quilting workshops, one on a cathedral window quilt with unfinished edges, and another on doing a perfect binding

Then another on using a new produce called "quilt smart" to produce a sunbonnet sue quilt for the newest granddaughter.  Also found a great crafter's website called Craftsy.  This website is addictive and very fun, something to enjoy any where I have my computer.

We did just a couple of small trips during the summer, one to see friends from "Lovely Lady", cruisers Rose and Janni invited us to their new home in Gig Harbour, Washington and we were joined by Dave and Joy of "Happy Nest" who were up from Mexico visiting their children and grandchildren who also live in Gig Harbour.  We had three fun days of food, wine, and laughter.  Dave and Joy were able to come here and stay with us for a week that was very enjoyable.

Then Don and I scooted down to Portland and spent two days with my son Michael and took in a brew-fest in Portland which was another great time. We have been to the Seattle area for various visits to family too.  I have a son and his family there.

We also managed to spend a few days in Central Oregon at a resort. Don loves the Deschutes River Brewery their Mirror Pond Beer and a Reuben are a must if you ever visit Bend, OR.

Don worked for A & A Motorcoach group, driving all over the state, transporting various groups. And even spent 3 days at the Coeur de' alene Resort in Idaho with a room over-looking the marina...for 3 days. Of course, he also had several nights in Tukwila at the Days Inn...complete with freeway noise.  He really did a good job of refilling out leaky cruising fund.  One of his favorite trips was transporting a group from all over the world, who were here in Yakima to learn about our Hops,(grown for beers around the world).  He got to eat and hear all the lectures and visit with the rich hop growers here in Yakima..but alas, he could not drink any of the beers.

Well back to my packing or rather assembling the thing that are to be packed.   Maybe we should get a bigger car??? We plan to drive to Phoenix store the car and ride the bus down to the boat, which is in San Carlos, Sinaloa, Mexico.  Please excuse my spelling..must be cruiseheimers...LOL

Here are a few pictures of life while here in Yakima.