Thursday, October 27, 2016


I really  hate packing, it just bogs my every cell (brain).  I think I have always procrastinated in this area.  First all the pills, then toiletries, (can not fine in MX, and their brands are heavily scented).

Then foods, specialty items for holidays, any imported things are mucho $$$$.  Some meat I canned and winter squash I canned.  Unable to find in MX.

Then clothes, some just for boat..some cool things, something for going ashore..sounds easy but not!  Then shoes unable to buy  a good fit.  In fact I take shoes to sell to other cruisers.

Don"s clothes, plus all the things for the boat, that he needs. Some kitchen supplies to replace worn out pans, silverware, my new spirolizer and a blender that works.

Now for my craft supplies, to keep me busy and enjoying my time...just a small assortment so I can have fun with the quilting group  in La Paz.  Plus   some stuff to share with my friends. 

All the techi stuff..computers, Ipad, chargers, iron, sewing machine, paper for printer (which we hope still works and we can find compatible drivers after 2 years) 

Then there is the fact that we did have a bit of hurricane damage to the boat and we are hoping it is fixable....easily and inexpensively...LOL it is a boat.

 Now I come to my back pain and the steroid shots I received..Praise to God they have worked.  But sometime the relief helps for 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years...only God knows and yes I will be on a moving sail boat.  I will be as safe as I can but I will have to get into the dingy, ride ashore, get up out of the dingy etc. 

All for now...sorry no pictures....