Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Waiting for the Tsunami

Yesterday started out to be pretty normal.  Don and I returned our rental car, we used it to go to Culver City and see a filming of the Bonnie Hunt Show. Which was good by the way.  It was supposed to air yesterday in most areas. The main guest was Betty White. Her segment was good however, she had taped it earlier so we did not see her live.
Anyway then yesterday we got a tsunami warning and I guess some safety measures were put in shape. The harbor patrol did clear the beaches around here but no one was ever told to leave the marina or get off the boat.  Interesting!  We have decided to ask Alan, Don's son to notify us in Mexico if there is every a big alert while we are down there.
Today is gorgeous, no fog. We will do   boat projects this morning and leave here for Redondo Beach around Noon tomorrow.  Almost to San Diego...WOW.

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