Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Days before Christmas

    Christmas in Mexico:  Early in December the town's people began to put up many street cabanas. They are mostly selling things for children.  This week there are more decorations that have been put up and in the center of La Paz a large lighted tree.  All the palm trees along the waterfront have been wrapped with lights and several boats in the marinas have been decked with lights.  All very festive.

    Besides being a religious holiday it is a day for children. One of the most fascinating shops is a shop called the Dulceria, a candy shop.  Inside are all types of pinatas and large boxes and cellophane package containing small toys and  assorted candies to fill the pinatas. There are even decorated sticks to match each pinata to be used for hitting the pinata.  The  pinatas range in sizes and some have religious pictures on them others have old fashioned Santas (the coke a cola Santa is a big hit), along with Frosty the snowman.

    We went to church last Sunday with several cruisers, who are our friends, I will post a pictures of a few of them. After church we go out to lunch and then last Sunday we walked along the Malacone towards our marina, taking pictures of the beautiful statues decorating the water front here in La Paz.

    Tonight we had a dock party, and toured a few boats, it was great to share our Christmas goodies with others and have a taste of home. There are many of us who share things in common, and it is good to talk with people who have the same dreams and love this life on the water.  We will meet many of these people as we go from place to place here in Mexico. And folks who have been cruising for several years all share their information with us to help us on our way.  It is quite amazing the way information to help us out is given freely to smooth our way and we will pass the things we learn on to others in the same way.  Most of us are retired and we are happily surrounded with a few older couples and a few younger couples and some traveling with younger children whom are being homeschooled on the sea.  I really admire those couples who are homeschooling and I have watched the laundry being done in the marinas.  Unbelieveable!!!

    Merry Christmas to all of you who have read my blogs, hopefully you will enjoy my photos of La Paz, Mexico. 

Love Jacquie and Don


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