Monday, October 19, 2009

Visitors and Family in San Diego

Dear Ones

    Don and I had a wonderful weekend.  Beginning on Friday we had a special visit from Anne and Dick, friends from our Blaine Marina who are also cruisers.  They had planned to leave this summer with us and other friends but were detained by a health issue.  So they happily continue to get ready for next year and came down for a short visit here in San Diego with us before we all leave for Mexico.  Good new the health concern is looking like it may be cured and cruising is still going forward.  We were delighted to spend time with them and are looking forward to them joining us in Mexico this winter and cruising with us next fall.

     On Saturday we went to see my first cousin Doug Wheat (on my mother's side) and his family.  They graciously invited us to stay overnight so we would have more time and  gave us great food and a tour of Escondito and surrounding beach communities.  Doug is a business owner here in the area and filled us in on how the economy in Southern California is progressing.  We shared memories and great food plus visited a new brew pub here called Stone Brewery.  Their dog Chuck was fun to get to know and I was able to look at photo albumn's of Doug's siblings and my cousins at various get togethers. We agreed to keep in better contact through the next years and maybe we will have a family reunion so our children can meet each other. Something I got to do with my second cousins but that type of thing has not happened because of how spread out we all have become.... It is always great to visit with people you are related to.

     This week Don and I have to really push to finish all boat projects; I am busy sending some things home, can you believe I brought too much along?  Don is repacking, relubing, replacing, cleaning, changing, God only knows with in the head, in the galley, in the engine, up on deck etc.  He seems busier.

     But hey I have to make our Halloween constumes for our next Baja Ha-Ha function.  We are going as Fred and Wilma Flintstone.  I promise pictures.  I have finished some winch covers, and line (sheets) bags and only will do a barbecue cover before leaving, although there are still things to make, (an awning for shade). 

     We leave on October 27, 2009.  Pray for us. 

Love Jacquie

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