Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where is Little Christian on the Big Ocean.

Hola Amigos;

    We are okay if anyone was worried or wondering.  We have not had internet since we entered Mexico and we do not have phone service...AT & T too expensive, 59cents per minute after the monthly fee so it is not in the cards for this year.  But we do have Skype so if you have it you can talk to us if we are some where there is internet.  For today, just to have internet I had to rent a hotel room for the day.  At least on the Baja peninsula there is no internet even at an internet cafe we could not connect. 

     So exactly where are we...We left the US on October 26 with the big Baja Ha-Ha group of cruisers and there were storm warnings, so the man that runs it said if there wer ad conditions we would delay a couple of days.  However, since they had all this media attention for the first time ever...we all were told that it was okay and if it was too tough we had the choice of pulling in at night..and we did..but the die hard racers did not pull in and the group except for a few of us kept going. Thus we fell behind and since we were supposed to sail as much as possible we sailed.  We made the first way point just as everyone else was leaving and we took a day to sleep and rest.  So we left for the second way point and were again in really tough seas with no where to pull in.  We again got to Magdalena Bay just as everyone was leaving, and since our friends John and Rose were coming in the next day chose to rest and see them and leave the next day.  With good winds we should have made the Cabo party by November 7th...However, when checking out the boat to leave Don discovered an engine problem with a seal that he had fixed in San Diego...(apparently we got slightly taken) by the guy in SanDiego.

     We prayed...should we go on to Cabo and hope to get it fixed there (we were advised it was very expensive to have repairs done there or go up this little inlet in the bay that went to a small village San Carlos Baja Sur. We have to anchor out, pay for taxis to get anywhere and plus no one in town takes credit cards only engine parts...but a boat from US IronMaiden is here doing their own repairs and he can also do our repairs.  I think we have been here almost 2 weeks...

     Well God did lead us, if we had gone on we probably would have lost the engine entirely.  So we finally rented a hotel room just to have internet and do banking and communicate with family and friends. This is a huge learning curve. Plus the boat is low on power because we can't run the engine and it depends on everything....our little generator can barely keep  the refrig cool. PRAY FOR US.

    On the plus side: My spanish is improving,  there are palm trees, beaches and some great food. We have only eaten out 2 times but we have had to shop in the market and try some new things.  It is in the 80's and  who can beat that.  Our spirits are up, Don has been stressed, as you may have guessed and I will need to get some medications soon!  But we are trying to let each day be its own day and not worry about tomorrow.  Really different than life at home where you tend to just think the next day will be the same and predictable.  Here we know it won't be anything but what God brings. 

Love Jacquie


  1. Nana & Don,

    I just got your message and I am so sorry I did not answer. I was in the middle of homeschooling and saw it was "no number" under caller ID and let it go to vm. I will answer when you call again. It was very cut out but all I heard was you updated your blog so here I am.

    We have so much to share and talk about! Jesus is amazing. I will be praying for you in the next hour for the Holdy Spirit to do miracle for you right now. We are so glad you are okay and we miss you.

    Lots of love. I will have Skype up if you want to call that way.


  2. Hi mom,
    We hope you have moved on now. Let us know when you make it to cabo. Jack thinks you should sail around the world. What do you think.
    Your uncle called me this week. He was going in for surgery and wanted to know how you were doing. You should call him. FUn to talk with him. Love and miss you,
    Lu Lu