Monday, November 23, 2009

What do we do all day???

     Each day is a bit different and varies when we are cruising or in a port.  What we do also depends on whether we are in a large port or a small bay; a Bahia in spanish.  Today we are in the Bahia de Las Muertos, inside the Sea of Cortez.

     We are making bread, nothing much to buy in the little villages, except tortillas, and I will try my hand at making those this afternoon. We have very simple, one dish meals and add a fruit or vegie. Storage for fresh things is limited. Mexico has great boxed milk (2%) like the soy milk comes in so we can buy several and not need the refrigeration until we open it. Most days we have a larger breakfast or lunch and then light dinner snack. We have both gotten thinner.  Hooray!

    If we have to use the engine we try to make water every 2-3 days depending on how many showers and things we need to do.  Every so often we have to wash some undies and easy to dry things.  The heavier wash needs to wait for a laundromat. The fresh water toilet takes 1/2 a gallon per flush so depending on the day that could take quite a bit of water.  We can store 100 gallons on board.  Pretty good for a sail boat.

     I can sew a little right now I am making a Christmas stocking to get in the mail at La Paz, and if we use our little generator we can watch a movie or a 1 hr episode of a TV show (we brought a few with us) like 24 and Lost.  Next year we will bring NCIS and something lighter that just high drama.

    Both of us have to take turns stearing the boat, Don does more of it than I do but I do all the docking and operation of the boat when we anchor. I have gotten good at taking us into a slip or fuel dock, Don says I am really good at it and other men have given me praise, I guess not many women do that part. The person who is no at the helm has to watch our course, check radar, make lunch etc. clean or stow gear, wash dishes or whatever else needs to be done. Then for a bit we rest.  Much more active than either of us thought. 

    We are going to put the dingy in now and go to the beach, walk and explore. I also spent some time this morning cutting my hair.  It doesn't look great but I wear hats when we go ashore, so good is okay.
We have new clippers and Don was my first ginnea pig and poor man I really got the back short, but hey it has grown out just great.

    Then we have been struggling with the time changes, I guess we are in mountain time here, so we have been going to sleep with the chickens...7:30pm or so. Sailing can be tiring work.

   Well time to put the dink in and go explore.

Until next time;   Love Jacquie and Don

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  1. Where are you...I am going to tell you how much you are missed. I want to do some Christmas shopping alone; (I can ask Bob to take me a few places).I am worried about if I am going to be able to renew my liscence or not. I have been having some days where I am just not all together. I am going to wait until I talk to you
    in the spring before I make any decisions. I am glad you are doing good and having fun. I need to lose weight (just not happening. We did go to
    Leavenworth for the day - that was nice. more later. Next note will be more cheerful.
    I Love you both. I knew we had formed a close bond; just did not know to this extreme.
    All my Love