Sunday, November 29, 2009

La Paz, Mexico

    Here we are in La Paz, a city on the Sea of Cortez.  We have been to the Club Cruseras (Cruisers Club) for coffee and found they are very active in the community of cruisers and the city.  They have an auction (Subasta) coming up that will benefit the schools here, run a blood pressure clinic, swap meet (boat parts), have a bazaar that cruisers can host a table for their crafts and many other things during the year. You can find people to help you with anything through this club. People are very friendly and helpful.

    I signed up to get a flu shot and a day and a half before the shot clinic I got the flu (probably just food poisoning) but I did not get to have a flue shot!  So I will need to find it on my own. Isn't that the way it goes.

   Yesterday we got moorage at the Marina de las Palmira. We have not been in a marina for over a month and it is time to do a major clean the salt off job. We have salt crystals on the windows and just about everything on deck.  Since we are both feeling better we will do a bit today and then more this week.
My job is to finish some boat sewing, a cover for the life raft and for the B-que. We are having clouds today and that is expected to last through Tuesday. A northern wind being sent from Canada.

   Monday I am attending a quilting group called La Paz Peace Makers. Maybe I can get the scoop on where to find fabrics in La Paz.

   More later...I just got invited to breakfast by Don. 



  1. Nice to see you guys are having a great time.

    Have a fish taco or three and a refresco (used to be a great taco stand by the La Perla department store) for Pam and me.


  2. Where are you at? I keep watching out for you
    on your blog, Facebook. It is freezing up here;
    down to zero tomorrow night. I keep thinking of
    last year; trying to put pieces togethe. I miss you.
    Love your manischevitz gal.

  3. Hello;
    The weather is very foggy and rainy, today.There is so much I want to tell you. I am trying to keep my notes to you on a light cheery note. I am getting for Christmas. Doing some baking. Wrapped my own presents. you might remember my driver Liscense expires next month. I am going to tell you one thing since I do not want to tell anyone else, I left my kitchen water on hot
    until it turned cold. If know one around,don't keep hearing aid in. Yesrerday I too bad migraines. So I am sorry I did not get your messages sooner. Michele really has been doing great. Have not been to Dr. very much. I am still trying to get to Arizona. I Love you more later