Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Special Day: Bahia Los Muertos

    We finally took just a leisure day, no work per se.  Don sat on deck and enjoyed his tea and I sewed on a Christmas stocking for my 8th grandchild, I need to mail it from La Paz.  Then we went to the beach and waded, found a few shells and just sat in the water up to our necks.  There were lots of rocks and a sandy shole so that is where we sat, it was like a 86 degree kiddie pool for big people.  LOL.

    Then we walked up to this beautiful restaurant and we were the only ones there.  Gorgeous hut type open air with big fans and leather topped tables and leather chairs.  They had a open shower for people to rinse the sand off and we used it.  While sitting at the table I saw something that reminded me of a pheasant and come to find out it was a genuine "roadrunner" and it looked exactly like the one Wiley Coyote is always chasing and it ran up the hillside like a flash.  It is fun to watch those things when you see them.

    We had a huge lunch: Don ordered the child rellano and it was "out of this world", nothing like what we get in the states. A huge poblano chile stuffed with fish and vegies, wrapped in a light egg batter and a wonderful fresh tomato sauce tht was slightly sweet. YUM!!!

   They were playing nice music that was so restful I guess I fell alseep at the table with my hand under my chin...Don said I was out for at least a half hour. How many Cerviesa could he have had while I was out.  Now the great  part is this lunch was under 30.00 US.

   Then we walked back to our dingy and fishermen had just arrived with their catch and they offered us some and for 10.00 we got a huge fillet of wawhoo which is Ono in Hawaiian ann a half of a Dorado which is MahiMahi.  What a find because the Pescado is not that cheap here in the markets and you can't tell how fresh it is.

   Then we motored out to the boat and just relaxed, eating some fruit and a small sandwich on fresh baked bread.

Now this was my idea of what our trip would be like.


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